Starting a company is a monumental task.

But, you don't have to do it alone.

I am here to help you along your journey. 



As an advisor, mentor or consultant, I can help you define your business solution and improve the methods you employ to successfully navigate your company through the myriad of challenges that startups commonly face.  

I am a natural solution architect, thoughtful advisor and experienced small business strategist, and I can provide a variety of valuable skills and insights including:


A. Defining your startup solution & brand.

B. Designing tests to verify your solution's market viability. 

C. Constructing business plans & pitch presentations.

D. Identifying the key ingredients to sustain and grow your operations. 

E. Mapping out short & long term growth strategies that align with your vision. 

F. Illuminating the motives and objectives of your key stakeholders. 

G. Building your economic & financial models.

H. Approaching investors for venture capital. 


With experiences across the spectrum in the venture capital and startup ecosystem, I can naturally identify strategic visions, as well as the operative details that support executing long-term missions.

I enjoy collaborative brainstorming aimed at identifying solutions & strategies that can meaningful solve complex everyday problems. 

If you have questions or are interested in exploring ways we can collaborate, please contact me via email me at:

Or, fill out the contact form below:


All good things begin with a thoughtful conversation. 

Together, I am confident we can discover ways to transform the world for the better!




Moebius is a class act. He's organized, drives projects to completion down to the last detail, and gives thoughtful insights without prompting.  

- Evan P.


Moebius is a responsive and excellent communicator with valuable and creative insights about every component related to the project. 

- Dan H.


Moebius jumps right in and gives 100% to the job. He made himself available to us whenever we needed guidance and never hesitated offering his perspective and opinion on the challenge at hand. 

- Greg R.