One of the elementary themes of  ZEN OF WUWEI  is the planet Jupiter.


Why Jupiter ?


The goal of ZEN OF WUWEI is to provide a valuable meta analysis of the essential features within our entrepreneurial system.

When considering the greatest system we are a part of, as human beings, and can understand through natural observation, the logical answer is our Solar System

And, within our solar system the only feature that truly matters beyond our Sun, in both gravitational and astrological terms, is the planet Jupiter.

Therefore any valuable meta analysis of our Solar System must consider first and foremost the planet Jupiter, which makes the Jovian body a fitting theme for ZEN OF WUWEI. 


A Life Contributing Body


As the largest planet of our Solar System by several metrics, Jupiter's impact cannot be understated, and particularly for life on Earth. 

In fact, we owe our existence as individuals and as a species, along with the rest of nature, in part to the position of Jupiter and it's affect on our Solar System. 

The mass of Jupiter alone is greater than all the other planets combined, making the planet's gravitational influence massive. So much so that Jupiter plays a semi-active role on the evolution of its' neighboring 7 planets, and the other celestial bodies of our system.

Thinking of you Pluto!

For Earth, the planet Jupiter has provided a unique environment of relative clam, or a window in time, for life to emerge and flourish relatively uninterrupted.


Jupiter Planet ZWW3.png


The 5th planet from the Sun has achieved this by absorbing vast amounts of cosmic debris from entering and endangering the inner Solar System, which Earth is a part of. 

Much of the asteroidscomets and other cosmic objects that circumnavigate the Sun on varying elliptical orbits originate from the outer solar system, the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. When these objects are cast into the Solar System by a variety of cosmic forces, they become trapped by Jupiters massive gravitational pull and ultimately crash into the upper atmosphere of the Jovian body, rather than continuing towards the inner solar system where they can endanger the smaller rocky planets, including Earth.

Therefore, the presence and affect of Jupiter effectively prevents potentially cataclysmic cosmic debris from ending life as we know it on Earth on a regular basis.

It so happens that cosmic debris impacts Jupiter more often than we would normally imagine. On average, the planet is impacted by asteroids of a significant size 6.5 times a year. These impacts result in visible scars upon Jupiter’s atmosphere, ranging from impacts as large are the entire pacific ocean to several times the diameter of our planet Earth.

Without Jupiter many known and unknown asteroids throughout history may have devastated our planet Earth, effectively preventing our planet from becoming the incubator of life that allowed our species to rise and dominate the globe.

So, it is thanks to Jupiter that we are presently able to examine the challenges business leaders face every day along their entrepreneurial journeys. 

So all hail Jupiter, King of the Planets!

Tie To Entrepreneurship


Jupiter's involvement in ZEN OF WUWEI and the Jovian body's link to entrepreneurship can be summarized in the following ways.


A Meta-Exercise

In the same way that ZEN OF WUWEI provides a meta-analysis of entrepreneurship and correlating philosophies, a meta-analysis of our Solar System cannot be achieved without recognizing the central role Jupiter plays within our cosmic system. 


Window In Time

The human species would not be able to achieve entrepreneurial endeavors without the presence and ongoing influence Jupiter has on our planet Earth and our Solar System.


Jovian Skies

The ever-changing nature of Jupiter's atmosphere is a beautiful representation of the constant and evolving challenges entrepreneurs face as they work to grow their venture. The Jovian sky is an appropriate metaphor for the endeavor to balance the forces of disruption with continuity.  



Jupiter's tremendous gravitational affect on the entire solar system, and it's collection 27 known satellites or moons, is representative of an entrepreneur's effort to surround him or herself with the best possible talent to support the vision of their venture. The most valuable people must be kept close, while those of lesser influence must be kept in orbit.



Lastly, one of the oldest sources of human inspiration is the cosmos. Among the myriad of heavenly bodies, Jupiter has fascinated human beings and entire cultures for many millennia, directly impacting the development of many technologies including; mathematics, calendars, astrology, metaphysics, and even theology. 


It is therefore appropriate that Jupiter not only play a thematic role in  ZEN OF WUWEI, but that a space is given to pay homage to the Jovian body. 



The last element linked to Jupiter's thematic involvement in ZEN OF WUWEI rests on how we first came to scientifically understand the dynamic Jovian body, through the Voyager 1 Space Craft

On September 5th 1977, Voyager 1 was launched form the Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex in Cape Canaveral, and after traveling for nearly 2 years Voyager 1 became the first human made space probe to reach the Jupiter. 


Voyager launch (White).png

The first high-resolution close up images of Jupiter were taken by Voyager 1, and the image of Jupiter's atmosphere used throughout ZEN OF WUWEI is among these first images. 

Voyager 1 is a inspiring symbol for entrepreneurship because the purpose of the space probe correlates beautifully with the practice, or the zen of entrepreneurship; to go where no one has before, discover hidden wisdoms, and from the journey grow as a person. 

In the same way that Voyager 1 is designed to study the cosmos by passing through frontier after frontier, entrepreneurship is an ongoing study of problem-solving, economics, and human behavior with the aim of cultivating a better future. 


Voyager Gold Plack.png


Entrepreneurs can look to Voyager 1 for inspiration to confidently press on with optimism towards overcoming challenges of every proportion, and chart new areas of knowledge from the unknown. 

Even after the onboard computers and plutonium powered engine runs out of energy in 2025, Voyager 1 will continue to explore interstellar space, expand our horizon, and represent the vitality and ambition of the human spirit. 


Voyager 1.png


Both Voyager 1 and entrepreneurship represent among the best parts of our humanity, so it seems natural that they should share this common space.  

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