The Era of Mass Customization

Embracing the benefits of disruption can be a real challenge for new and established businesses. Change can bring about instability and produce emotions of insecurity, which damage an organization's ability to effectively operate. 

It takes extraordinary confidence and vision for leaders to embrace disrupting and transform their entire business model to adapt to significant market changes and remain competitively relevant. 

Here,  Reed Hastings CEO of Netflix offers his insights on the evolution of Netflix and how it had to embrace disruptive philosophies to transform it's business form DVD rentals to online streaming, to content creation. Central to the transformative effort is embracing creativity and strategic thinking. 

At each transformational milestone Hastings explains key moments that defined how Netflix became a company that customizes it's content and offerings to match the interests of very different customer groups. 

Hastings finish his insightful remarks by sharing his vision of how the entertainment and content industry will evolve and continue to create content suited to specific interests. 





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