How to Build the Future

With dramatic technological changes occurring across a variety of industries, from manufacturing and information technology to health care, the future appears uncertain and precarious. 

The gradual implementation of automation and artificial intelligence will affect societies across the globe in profound ways, possibly impacting the socio-economic condition of millions of people in positive and negative ways. 

The reality is that the cycles and powers of change are accelerating at a pace that individuals and groups simply cannot keep up, and to no fault of their own. 

In the best case scenario, incentives and new programs will guide people to seamlessly transition to new economies that cannot be readily replaced by machines or computers.  

But, in the worst case millions of people will be left without work, and without the necessary skills  to quickly adopt to new and dynamic economies. Without impactful and systematic solutions, political and economic instability could become a widespread, further destabilizing what already seems to be a fragile global economy. 

Here, technology giant and visionary Elon Musk describes his view of how the future of business, technology and manufacturing will evolve over the next half century, and how we can cope with this inevitable transformation. 




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