Spiral Model - Software Production

Among the many software development models; Waterfall Model, V Model, Incremental Model, RAD Model, Agile Model, and Iterative Model, we will focus in this post on the Spiral Model.

The Spiral Software Production model represents a valuable software development model for the operational purposes of technology companies large and small. 

Of all the software development models, the spiral model most successfully illustrates the cyclical nature of developing great software.

But, no matter the model adopted, technology leaders and their development teams must recognize that processes will be repeated time and time again in order to sustain the effectiveness, and ultimately the value of the software they develop.

The following diagram illustrates the Spiral Model. 


Spiral Software Production Model



Advantages of Spiral Model:

-    Significant risk analysis.

-    Good for mission-critical projects.

-    Approval & documentation control.

-    Flexible addition of functionality.

-    Software is produced early in software development life cycle.


Disadvantages of Spiral Model:

-    Potential for high costs.

-    Risk analysis requires expertise.

-    Project success dependent on R.A.

-    Not applicable for small projects.


The cycle of developing, testing, releasing and iterating is ultimately endless, so it is important to have a clear and pragmatic approach to developing a framework and system for your software development needs. 

The more clear the framework, the easier it will be for people to work within it, excel and their roles, execute on the expectations of their corporate leadership, and produce high quality software. 

The challenge with the spiral Model is recognizing when software should be deployed. 

To facilitate your development efforts consider establishing deadlines for each stage of development: Planning, Risk Analysis, Engineering, and Evaluation.

Coupled with a deadline for the ultimate deployment of the software. 

While the software production cycle will continue, and improvements made overtime, it is important to release software in a timely fashion.

Doing so makes your solution public, which allows for potential sales, revenue generation, and the possibility of growing an engaged user base who advocates for your solution and company objective. 

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